Providing Financial Peace of Mind Through all seasons

Connecting life's realities to your financial Strategies

Financial strategies are not about just looking good on paper. They’re about making sure your returns are actually meeting your goals and while financial investments, insurance, and planning strategies show you what the numbers mean, it’s important to ask yourself:

Is your life only about the numbers?

Do you want to know if you are on track?
Do you need more than one size fits all, robo advice?

You have questions, we help you find the answers. You are not alone in building YOUR quality financial strategy.


Are you feeling stuck? Do you want to know if you are on track? There are so many added values to working with a Portfolio Manager. Your financial peace of mind is important to us. We are real people helping you to create a tailored financial strategy.

  • Comprehensive planning and services to meet your financial needs
  • We provide unbiased, holistic advice focused on you!
  • Sure, we can help you build a balanced portfolio, but it’s more important that we do this AND watch you enjoy your life along the way

Your Financial Growth Process

Define Growth

  • Discover
    your goals &
  • Understand
    your current
  • Plan for
    life events

Create Growth

  • Personalize
    your retirement
  • Create your
  • Monitor
    Insurance & Estate

Nurture Growth

  • Implement
  • Measure and monitor
  • Review goals
    and growth

Discover your growth potential

Book a no obligation consult and see what growth awaits you.

Unique Investment Strategies

Your financial needs are unique. As they evolve and change over your lifetime, it’s important you have a financial strategy that supports and changes with your growth. Discover what innovative approaches and recommendations make sense for your investments. From simple RRSPs to complex portfolios – FLS can support your financial goals!

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Responsible, Holistic Advice

We take your finances very seriously. Through professional consultation and research, we develop and implement innovative strategies to your financial needs in a way that is compliant, but also one that you understand. No investment jargon, just plain English. With over 20 years experience, FLS brings the ability to provide a holistic approach to enhancing your financial security, you’ll receive quality recommendations customized to your unique and specific lifestyle.

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Discretionary Wealth Management

Offering excellence in financial planning, guidance, and client service is about more than providing recommendations. It’s about providing you objective support, including with the day-to-day administrative process of wealth management, granting you access to greater wealth-building opportunities. This is what happens when you work with a Portfolio Manager. Currently, less than 5% of all advisors in Canada are licensed as Portfolio Managers. This designation requires the highest levels of education and experience in the industry and partnering with a Portfolio Manager can optimize your investments to provide for enhanced measures of wealth management.

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Caring Relationships

Your finances are not just inanimate objects. Rather, they are the gateway to supporting your life, your story, your dreams. At FLS, we care that your finances do just that – support your growth through all your seasons. We take the time to listen and understand your needs today but provide recommendations that remain flexible enough for your needs of tomorrow. With FLS, trust that you have a team who cares about your goals beyond your numbers.

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