Financial Strategies to Weather the years with you

Building your net worth As you live your life

At Financial Life Strategies (FLS), building your net worth in a way that allows you to still enjoy living your life today is what’s important to us. This means providing unbiased, holistic advice focused on you! Sure, we can help you build a balanced portfolio, but it’s more important that we do this AND watch you enjoy your life along the way.

Why is it so important

Bryan Muir, shares his story:

“When I was 18, I had $1000 to invest. I was so excited that 1) I had $1000, and 2) my adult life was officially beginning! At the time, I went to a financial advisor whose name was well known in the financial world. Not knowing anything about financials or investing, I thought the short 5-minute interaction we had went well and was the norm. He took my money, invested it, and then I never heard from him again.

20+ years later and I am still impacted by this interaction and how I would never want to leave clients not understanding their investments, feeling as though they weren’t heard, and not seeing any returns. Since 1998, I’ve committed to educating myself on investments, earning recognized and highly respected certifications, and building proper process and communications to support others with their wealth management. Simply put, I want clients to know what’s happening with their money.

I care. So, let’s start building a bit of trust through an open conversation.” 

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People behind your

Bryan Muir


PORTFOLIO MANAGER, iA Private Wealth Inc.
INSURANCE ADVISOR, Bryan Muir Financial Inc.

Simply put, Bryan wants to see people shine and feel empowered today, knowing their future is secure. Bryan is a Portfolio Manager and Certified Financial Planner professional with iA Private Wealth Inc. and an Insurance Advisor with iA Private Wealth Insurance. With nearly 20 years of experience, Bryan applies his knowledge and skills in combination with high quality products to ensure your individual financial success.

When Bryan isn’t working he pursues martial arts and flying RC model airplanes. He and his wife , Barb, have four grown children.



Garry Nanninga

B Sc.

INSURANCE ADVISOR, iA Private Wealth Insurance

Fresh out of university, Garry never imagined that he would end up in the Financial Services Industry. A short stint as an environmental consultant, lead to 15 years working in the oil & gas sector. Then in 1991, a downturn in the industry opened the door to his current career path. With his wide range of experiences and interests, Garry enjoys conversations with clients and being able to help them on their path to financial success.

Some of Garry’s hobbies include country western dancing, travelling and the outdoors, especially kayaking and hiking.


Chris Fryer



As the newest addition to the Financial Life Strategies group, Chris joins the team with almost 14 years industry experience. Having recently transitioned from the technology and asset management side of the investment industry back to working with private clients, Chris is excited to begin engaging with individuals and their families again. Chris attained his Chartered Investment Manager designation in 2020, and is currently pursuing the transition from an Associate Portfolio Manager to a fully licensed Portfolio Manager.

An outdoor enthusiast, Chris can often be found in the mountains with his son Charlie hiking, running, riding their mountain bikes, or on the hill at Lake Louise all winter long.

Chris Fryer

Denise Olichny



Working with Bryan since 2011, Denise brings organization, process, and personality to FLS. As the primary contact for all things administration and appointment bookings, she ensures your experience is pleasant through efficient processes, open conversation, and her genuine care for your financial growth.

Denise and her husband Dennis, have four adult children and in her spare time she loves interior design, playing the piano and spending time with family.


Judy Tran


Having worked in the financial services industry for a number of years, Judy brings her depth of administrative knowledge to the FLS team. She has been Garry’s assistant since 2007 ensuring that client accounts are processed and maintained in good order. Clients appreciate her passion, enthusiasm and a welcoming hello when they phone.

In her free time, Judy also enjoys gardening, good food, and quality time with her family.

Industry Credentials

FLS Values


We care about the people behind the numbers.


Designing custom financial strategies that add real value to your goals.


Building wealth takes time. Trust the long-term course to financial security.

Common Sense

What makes sense for one strategy, won’t make sense for all.

FLS Guiding Philosophies

Trusting Relationships

are built on consistency in advisor and through open conversations.

Life events impact your finances,

so it’s crucial to develop a plan that supports change.

Investments are not one size fits all

We tailor portfolios based on solid research and your unique situation.

Providing access to experts

in complementary fields adds greater value and consistency in service for your financial future.

Stay Balance

From lifestyle to portfolio, we encourage balance in a way that connects with you.