Uncovering Synergy in Your Financial Life Strategy

Encouraging a holistic view for your financial peace of mind

You know that money is meant to be spent, but you can’t help but worry about how it will support your future. Knowing the difference between investing and hoarding will help provide you peace of mind as you see the greater connections between your finances, goals, and life circumstances. Ultimately, it’s about getting the right financial strategy in place to support you in the future, but also today.

Taking a holistic approach to wealth management, we’re able to help connect the ties between life events, finances, and how they can better work together, particularly when there’s a large investment that needs a bit more management.


Strategic Highlights

Enjoy access to multiple, devastatingly awesome products, recommended based on your needs. This is the power of having an objective financial advisor – we are under no obligation to meet specific sales targets for products. Our only obligation is providing the right recommendations tailored to you!


Through understanding your needs, along with your propensity for risk and market volatility, we’ll help build an investment strategy to support your investment goals. Such services include: investment planning, retirement solutions, annuity options, individual pension plans, and wealth management and tax reduction strategies.


Diving into investing without a strategic plan is a sure-fire way to hurt your future. By building a sound strategic financial plan around both short and long-term goals, you’ll have greater flexibility with life’s changes, the ability to connect your life goals to your financial ones, and gain more confidence in your financial future. Aspects we consider in building your plan: capital needs, investment plans, registered investments and tax reduction strategies, retirement planning, education planning, as well as any special needs, such as caring for child dependents.


You run a business and are in control of your financial security, but are you actually secure from potentially devastating financial risk? Protect yourself, your family, and your business and gain control of this risk. Helping you understand the intricacies of business ownership and protection, we’ll provide insights on where your business may be vulnerable and how to protect it. Services here include: life insurance, business disability insurance, key person insurance, and critical illness insurance. In addition, we also support Buy-Sell Agreements.


Life can happen at any moment and is a hard thing to predict. Rather than living in a bubble, missing all the things you enjoy, protect yourself with insurance that makes sense for you. With an array of insurance products available, you have access to: individual life insurance (both term and permanent), critical illness insurance, disability insurance, non-medical insurance, mortgage insurance, estate planning, and long-term care insurance.

Wealth Management

A Portfolio Manager is a trusted and elite professional with advanced credentials and an exemplary track record who offers experience and elevated client service ideally suited to you. Portfolio Managers also have a legal obligation, or fiduciary responsibility, to act with care, honesty and good faith, always in the best interest of their clients. Investment decisions must be independent and free of bias, which often results in a higher level of trust between you and your Portfolio Manager. Over and above this, a few key benefits of working with a Portfolio Manager include

Personalized portfolio management

Receive ongoing investment management of your investments based on your goals and objectives, restrictions, financial circumstances, risk tolerance, and other relevant factors, often outlined in an Investment Policy Statement (IPS). Here, you’ll typically give discretionary authority to your Portfolio Manager to make investment decisions without getting prior approval for each transaction. This is also known as discretionary management.

Written Agreements

An individual written agreement is created, determining how you will work with a Portfolio Manager. This personalized IPS identifies your asset allocation, specific investment strategy, reporting, fees, potential issues, and the types of investments that will be used. This will also outline your ongoing communication strategy, building your trust and confidence in how your wealth is being nurtured.


Portfolio Managers typically charge a fee based on a percentage of the value of your account, known as a management fee. This fee is fully transparent and reported on your client account statements. Your fees are not paid by commission based on volume of buying or selling investments and can be lower than typical mutual fund fees.

Fair and Flexible

Making sure everyone is treated equally is important. With your Portfolio Manager, trust that you will be as they are able to execute timely trades for all clients, all at once. This ensures everyone benefits equally from market opportunities. Through this, Portfolio Managers also have access to a broad range of investments, including bonds, stocks, ETFs, mutual funds and alternative investments, offering you the best strategies in growing your wealth.

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