What do all the letters mean

Bryan Muir, CFP®, CIM®, Investment Advisor

It’s great to have these letters behind one’s name as a financial planner, but what exactly do they mean to you, the investor? Should you really care as to what these letters mean?

In short, yes. Below is a brief description of what these credentials mean and how they support you in growing your wealth.


As much as I wish CFP stood for being a Committed to Fun Person, they actually stand for CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER®. This is a designation that identifies individuals who are dedicated to the highest level of professionalism in providing financial planning advice.

The CFP® certification assures that your planner applies internationally recognized professional

standards of competence, practice and ethics as set in Canada by the not-for profit Financial

Planning Standards Council (FPSC). As CFP® professionals deal with one of the most personal and

sensitive aspects of your life – your personal financial security – following these standards is crucial to build your confidence and your wealth.

Trust is at the heart of every financial planning relationship, which is why it’s important that your finances are held to the highest standards of competence and ethics.

Chartered Investment Manager – CIM®

The Chartered Investment Manager® designation (CIM®) is a credential that allows your financial manager to make discretionary investment decisions on your behalf. This designation permits your CIM® to optimize your portfolio on an ongoing basis, allowing you to focus on other important things, such as living your life.

Additionally, the CIM® designation reflects that an individual has a deep understanding of advanced money management strategies for Canadian investors, and, can ensure that all transactions are

compliant with Canadian regulations.

Every move a CIM® makes is linked back to a personalized plan tailored to your goals, risk tolerance, and financial situation. And, like always individuals with this designation are bound by a strict code of ethics – always placing priority on the client best interests.

While there are a plethora of designations and letters that can go behind one’s name, it’s important that you understand the key accreditations that we at Financial Life Strategy have dedicated ourselves to obtaining in order to best serve you.

To learn more about how a CFP® and CIM® designation can support you in nurturing your wealth, contact us today. Trust truly begins with a conversation.